Celebrity dating gossip

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They may be the fiercest of competitors on My Kitchen Rules, but it appears Tyson and Courtney are now dating!

This week, Woman’s Day have released images of the reality contestants on two separate 'flirtatious off-set dates,' claiming 'there's no denying the chemistry.'The magazine says 'An unlikely couple have found themselves irresistibly drawn together.' Photos show the pair walking side-by-side and smiling on two occasions during a trip to Brisbane.

Actors dating other actors is not a surprise in Hollywood.

They run in the same circles, so why not, you know? They’re spending hours upon hours with one another, so it’s practically an inevitability.

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Kim Kardashian's bestie (his official job title, we think) Jonathan Cheban will be making an appearance and bringing a whole host of unreasonable demands with him. Basically being best friends with Kim - plus he appears on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so pretty much A-list. E4 recently confirmed that there will be TWO series' in 2017, both having 20 episodes each.

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The Packed To The Rafters star also posed with other guests, including the stars of reality TV show Seven Year Switch.It is claimed the couple were ‘cosying up’ at a party in Queensland recently, with a guest saying James 'always had his arm around her'.James, who plays Justin Morgan on the Channel 7 soap, was photographed at the event with his arm around Isabella.BRB, need to wipe our tears Titanic stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet are setting some unachievable BFF goals by taking off to Saint-Tropez on a vacation. Sure, one of the biggest celebrity couples of all time broke up in 2016, but a number of notable relationships also got their spark this year. One of these duos just might become our next supercouple. Word of the secret relationship only broke in October, even though they started seeing each other months prior.

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