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Blasius; so that Blasius became one of the most popular saints of the Middle Ages.

I can consistently sleep 9 hours a night and arise refreshed in the morning. But I remember the days not so long ago when I was sleeping twelve hours or more, dragging myself out of bed by force of will, depressed and overmedicated, and stumbling through my day in a medication fog that left my head stuffed with cotton and my mind as dull as Grandma’s old garden hoe. The doctors have never been able to nail down a precise diagnosis, but it’s somewhere between bipolar disorder (with major depression and psychosis) and schizoaffective disorder, a variant of schizophrenia. In the oldest known recension of the so-called martyrology of St. Blasius does not appear; it is only in the later, enlarged catalogues that he is mentioned.As these reports may rest on old traditions which are bound up with the veneration of the saint in the Church liturgy, they are not to be absolutely rejected. Blasius was a bishop and that he suffered martyrdom at the beginning of the fourth century.Fox (65), Imn2Faith, Brad Best (63), brobertson (63), gerty (61), tmack (60), Josephine1958 (59), dogtorbill (58), nailtk (57), JButky (56), motomom (56), laurak (56), lovedby Him (56), David196108 (56), Mom4U (55), michelegerdent6 (55), CLuger (55), 40Denise (53), SIT (53), Highwayhound (51), prgriffin (51), Knancy (50), Rebecca0827, TONY. The ninth-century martyrologies of Europe in their lists, which are accompanied by historical notices, give on 15 February the name of St. The historical notices concerning him in the above-mentioned martyrologies and synaxaria rest on the legendary Acts. Blasius was Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia and most of the acounts place his martyrdom in the reign of Licinius (about 316).

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