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When you finally get to confront him, he blows it off and spins it, so that you come off as jealous and needy. He doesn’t have the stones to tell you what is really going on, but your imagination has already filled in the blanks. You were tricked into falling in love with someone that seeks power and control by manipulating other people’s vulnerabilities and when you are in love, you’re vulnerable, so he made sure you fell – hard. Our hearts are aching for justice and it feels like a crime has been committed.

His new target thinks she has just met her soul mate, she’s getting all of his attention and feels like she’s won. The fact that we were so easily replaced and forgotten makes us feel like we’ve just been emotionally raped, but you have to look at the source and understand that no one is exempt from his brand of cruelty.

Your Prince Charming made you feel special and so happy, that is until of course, you found out about Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and that trampy blonde Smurf down the street. You can drive yourself nuts comparing yourself to someone else. None of this is really about her, besides you do have one advantage over this woman – she has no idea what’s coming – you do. This is why you will always find them surrounded by a group of admirers.

It seemed like one minute, you were both consumed and in the midst of a love for the ages, and now he stands you up, ignores your calls and texts and you’re starting to feel like you’re annoying him. They create the pretense that they are important, sought after and popular, by collecting friends, ex’s and potential targets.

Women in the Philippines are known everywhere to have a reputation of being affectionate, sweet, caring respectful and have high values.

Their close family ties and conservative traditions make almost every Filipina family oriented and sacrificial.

And I mean the human exotic ones--Philippine Women.

We'll come back to that later for now, let's talk about their natural beauties.

With every success or “failure” in this area, something new and interesting comes up.

Please be aware though that I am currently in love, so my analysis may be somewhat biased.

In this case, the problem is “You’d like to find a husband or wife”, so the first thing to consider is whether you actually want to be married.

After all, if you have no desire to actually commit to anyone, no amount of searching will do you any good.

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