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The "scientific" claims of such neo-creationists as Johnson, Denton, and Behe rely, in part, on the notion that these issues surrounding evolution are the subject of suppressed debate among biologists.

[...] according to neo-creationists, the apparent absence of this discussion and the nearly universal rejection of neo-creationist claims must be due to the conspiracy among professional biologists instead of a lack of scientific merit.

The purpose of lists such as these is the attempt to fallaciously establish Creationism and/or ID as a plausible alternative to evolution, in this case via the arbitrary accumulation of as many fancy titles as possible for their lists, in order to abrasively petition their way into classrooms and universities, regardless of the many scientific obstacles to this.

We prefer to list scientists holding doctorates, though in some cases, we will accept those with master’s degrees (and, in some rare cases, bachelor’s degrees) who have "proven" themselves in research.

It is also known as the Flour Wreck, since flour was part of it's cargo and it washed up on nearby beaches. It is a big wreck, having been wire-dragged twice and depth charged.Gerrymandering draws political boundaries to tip elections towards certain political parties.Originally, the word was pronounced “GARY-mandering” with a hard “g.” But why? Philip Rowden married in Livingston, NJ in 1856 and had a son (William H. By 1860 he and his 1st wife, Sarah Amanda Dickerson (Dickenson) ? By 1863 Philip Rowden was living across the Michigan border where he registered for the draft in Burr Oak, MI in July 1863 and was commissioned in the US Army's 1st Michigan Infantry as a Chaplain in Aug. If you look in the church records in Chumleigh, Devonshire you should be able to trace to James Edward Rowdon, our great-grand father., were living in Edwardsburg, Cass County, Michigan. Let me know if there is more I can fill you in about.

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