Parents and interracial dating

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Another point, I would like to make is that some of these points may be biased because of situations I deal with in my personal life.

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You’re not exactly going to win points with family by calling grandpa a racist.

Here are four things that I’ve found challenging about meeting the parents and family in intercultural and international relationships: When your boyfriend’s father says you should be friends but not date, it’s the polar opposite of getting that ever-coveted family blessing. (Never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for John’s stubbornness! “Yes,” I say, now seriously confused, not quite believing what I’m hearing.

And even if your boyfriend smiles and reassures you it’s not a big deal (like John did), in your mind you’re envisioning all of the future family feuding over your relationship. ) We’re living proof that you can indeed overcome this, provided you and your partner are totally committed to the relationship. Sometimes it’s not even a direct attack, but an assumption based on stereotypes or prejudice.

He has the wonderful qualities that I look for in a man.

What is so hard is the fact that my parents disapprove of this relationship.

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