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Most mistakes with articles are made through breaking one of these rules.

Singular, countable nouns always have an article – a/an or the – or another determiner (my, your, this, that etc.) Remember that we use the indefinite article - a/an - when we talk about something that is not definite.

[This article is going to motivate you to exercise more.

Employee motivation commonly benefits from suitable and well run team building games, exercises, and activities, including puzzles and quizzes.

You can also use free team building games and exercises ideas as ice-breakers and energizers to warm up meetings, workshops, training, and conferences.

So here’s the obligatory, but important, cautionary note.

If you are going to start an exercise program, you should have the OK from your doctor first to make sure that you don’t have any potential heart or other health issues.] The very first day that you start your exercise program, you will be healthier than you were yesterday. Because your body immediately responds to the exercise by building new cells and tissues to support that exercise.

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