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But if you are working on a bot with enough complexity or bulk to the dialogs, you’ll want to settle on a pattern.

The first pattern embraced I learned from @pveller‘s excellent ecommerce-chatbot.

The technology is incredibly realistic, albeit quite disconcerting to some – as demonstrated by one comment on the Baby X Vimeo: “I think that as soon as the baby turned into a floating brain is when I realised that night-terrors would be in my near future.” “Just about everybody who sees it is absolutely amazed that it’s actually a digital creation and not a video image of a baby,” Soul Machines chief business officer Greg Cross says.

Now, after a process of R&D of about five years, Nadia is the first commercial project to be launched with Baby X’s technology.

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In the ecommerce-chatbot bot, Pavel breaks each dialog out into a separate Java Script file and wraps them in a separate module.

It was developed for the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Australia using IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence technology as a cognitive back-end and Face Me, an Auckland-based real-time video communication company.

Nadia can speak, write and chat online, and was created to help disabled people that traditionally struggle with technology interfaces have better accessibility to the company’s services.

A bill that among other things will make it possible to use technologies like Sweetie 2.0 in the fight against sexual exploitation of children on the Internet, is currently being tabled in the Senate.

When asked, the king indicated that he was looking forward to the completion of this bill which he would wholeheartedly sign into law.

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